Lash Corner



  • Remember to clean mascara from lashes before appointment, or schedule cleaning appointment upon arrival.
  • Silence cell phones before lash application, (this ensures lash appointment is relaxing).
  • Remove gum before lash application.
  • Use a lash serum (preferably Rapid Lash) to keep lashes nourished and for stimulation, and growth.
  • Use an oil-free makeup remover around the lash and eye area.
  • Please be mindful that the natural lashes shed within the 2nd and 3rd week of each month
  • Booking online is preferred while scheduling 2 or 3 week lash refills.


  • Avoid all mascara
  • Avoid hot showers, and saunas within 48hrs of a lash application
  • Use eye mask to help lashes stay intact
  • Clean lash line weekly to avoid debris, oil, and dirt (Baby Shampoo and distilled water)
  • Use oil free make up remover around the lash line
  • Do not take hot steamy showers daily and get lashes wet (this will cause premature lash shedding
  • Do not use eyelash curler 
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